About Top Attractions

Top Attractions is an association of 20 of the largest and best tourist attractions in Denmark with a total of over 8 million guests a year. Our vision is to be the network that creates the most value for Danish tourist attractions that can and will develop in an actively committed community.

We were founded in 1982 and our members include museums, amusement parks, wildlife parks/ZOOs and aquariums.

Attractions must meet a number of requirements to qualify as a member of Top Attraktioner, such as quality, visitor numbers and organisation.

Activities in Top Attractions

Top Attractions conducts guest satisfaction analyses across all 20 attractions each year. This enables the attractions to benchmark their results with and against each other and see how guests think they are at creating experiences and meeting expectations.

It is assessed whether the attractions offer excellent service and provide a high quality of food and drink, maintenance, cleaning, etc. The benchmarking is in particular used to identify areas where they can improve.

Additionally, market research analyses are conduct annually to learn more about what they can do to increase the number of visits.

Competence development is also crucial in order to constantly improve and do better. By learning from each other, the attractions are better equipped to provide the best possible service to guests. We run targeted courses and workshops in areas where they can reap the benefits of exchanging experiences, and we have set up a number of networking groups that meet several times a year.

Top Attractions has a system for continuously exchanging visitor statistics that provides valuable knowledge of how the season is developing, just as other useful data is also exchanged.

A joint distribution system ensures that the attractions own brochures reach as many of our potential guests as possible and that they are presented in such a manner that our guests can get a good overview of where they can find exciting experiences and adventures.

Executive Committee

  • Head of Audience Henrik Hatt, Moesgaard Museum (Chairman): hh@moesgaardmuseum.dk
  • Director Bjarne Klausen, Odense ZOO
  • Operations Manager Jonas Luttermann, Universe
  • Director Karsten B. Nielsen, Kattegatcentret
  • Head of Audience Maiken Maigaard, Vikingeskibsmuseet
  • Head of Communication Mariane Øvall, Ree Park Safari


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