There are many experiences on a ticket to GIVSKUD ZOO

Go on safari in your car and drive between the animals on the savannah. Continue into the lions and feel the thrill when the big cats prowl close by. Experience the zoo on foot and meet gorillas, wolves, rhinos, the new spectacled bears and other fascinating animals. Return to the past and meet 50 dinosaurs in the dinosaur park including T-rex and 15 animals in the Ice Age exhibition such as mammoths. All are life-sized.

Also let the children burn off some energy in the playgrounds, in 2019, the new Skywalk, as well as in the tipi-, dino- and Ice Age camps.

Givskud ZOO

Knuthenborg Safaripark

Take the family more than 66 million years back in time when you walk through the Dinosaur Forest and encounter roaring dinosaurs. This year, T-rex has the company of the WORLD’S LARGEST dinosaur, and a flock of pterodactyls move into the treetops! Also meet the dinosaur’s living relatives and see real fossils and giant skeletons.

Go on safari with more than 1000 WILD animals. End the day by swinging around on a funny monkey tour in Limpopoland on Denmark’s wildest water and nature playground - we have made everything even better and more fun this year!

Knuthenborg Safaripark

Copenhagen ZOO

In Copenhagen ZOO, you can meet more than 4,000 fascinating animals and travel between continents in just one day. From April 2019 you can get familiar with the iconic giant pandas while dining in the state of the art Panda House. Experience unforgettable close encounters with polar bears and see the world from a giraffe’s perspective. Discover lots of animal facts and enjoy a meal from our grand selection of food stalls. ZOO is filled with explorations every day 365 days a year. A world to explore awaits.

København ZOO

Odense ZOO

You can experience animals from all over the world in the heart of Odense. See red pandas climb over your head, take a walk among the jumping kangaroos and explore the tropical rainforest with monkeys, sloths and manatees. You can also look forward to an impressive sight when visiting the penguins under the beautiful Antarctic sky.

New in 2019: Explore the treetops and experience the zoo from a height of 12 metres!

Odense ZOO

Randers Regnskov

Explore the magical rainforest and get close to the animals - and we mean really close!

Stepping into Randers Rainforest is like stepping into another world. The air is warm and humid and filled with the sounds of cascading waterfalls, roaring jaguars and the many free-living monkeys and birds. Hanging in the treetops are bats and sloths, and leaf-cutter ants work tirelessly on the forest floor, while sea cows swim quietly around and monitor lizards laze in a sunny spot.

It is the animals in Randers Rainforest who are on their home ground - and you get really close to them!

Randers Regnskov

Ree Park Safari

Come to Ree Park Safari and visit our amazing animals from four different continents. With exciting entertainment and a variety of activities, we offer unique adventures to the whole family every day. Here in the park you can get very close to the animals - whether on foot, with the safari jeep, a real steam locomotive or on the back of a camel. Here are cheetahs, lions, rhinos, arctic wolves and other large and small animals waiting for you.

A visit to the Ree Park not only lets you experience adventure, you also supports endangered species. Admission fee benefits both the animals in the park and the Masai Mara, a large reserve in Kenya, where the animals live under protection in their natural habitat. Ree Park is working actively in the area with conservation to preserve this amazing area and its inhabitants.

Ree Park Safari

Wild experiences in the capital of North Jutland
From 13 April to 20 October 2019 there are dinosaurs at Aalborg Zoo! Come and see the exciting new dinosaur exhibition at the zoo, where you can learn about the prehistoric animals and their world. The exhibition is included in the entrance ticket.
Aalborg Zoo is open 363 days a year, and you can experience the wildlife up close in realistic surroundings. Come and meet our many beautiful young animals, go wild on the playgrounds and get close to kangaroos and flamingos. Perhaps we’ll see you there?

Aalborg ZOO
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