Den Gamle By

Travel through time from Hans Christian Andersen's time in the 19th century to the 1920s and 1970s. Meet the townspeople and see their homes, shops and workshops.

Many visitors will remember Denmark and the welfare state and recognise the 1970s quarter with the commune and the nuclear family, the jazz bar and moped workshop, the TV shop, the minimarket and the Turkish migrants’ flat.

Admission is free for everyone under 18 years old.

Den Gamle By

Experience the sea.

Meet seals, fishes, birds and whale skeletons. Immerse yourself in the history of fishing, explore an authentic harbour environment from the past with ships and live crafts, and discover offshore up close in a new major exhibition.

Here, on the edge of the Wadden Sea, we open the door to the Wadden Sea National Park and the World Heritage Site giving you an opportunity to meet the animals and the people inhabiting the coast.

Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet

Fregatten Jylland

Frigate Jutland in Ebeltoft is a huge ship filled with stories. One of the most modern sailing and steamships of its time. The Frigate was victorious at the battle of Helgoland in 1864, and later it was the royal ship of King Christian IX.

It’s never boring on Frigate Jutland - join us on a guided tour, try your hand at rope-making, watch the canon show, hear the loud boom, put on sailor clothes, climb high up, go on a treasure hunt or immerse yourself in the exciting stories. Visit the unique display of ship models in the museum room.

Fregatten Jylland

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Moesgaard Museum


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The gate to UNESCO World Heritage

See the beautiful exhibition ‘The Migratory Birds’ Wadden Sea’ that will bring you closer to the Wadden Sea’s wonderful world. Denmark has world-class nature, and in its design, the exhibition shows a love of the unique nature. Take a guided tour with our knowledgeable nature guides.

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Viking Ships in Roskilde

Visit the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde – home of the five World Famous Viking Ships.  Enjoy exciting exhibitions and activities for the whole family. Follow the work at the Boatyard - we are building a new Viking Ship - and try your hand at Viking craftsmanship in the workshops (Daily from May 1st to Oct. 20th). In the Museum Harbour you can see the large collection of Viking ships and Nordic boats, and every day from May 1st – Sep. 30th you can go sailing on Roskilde Fjord in traditional, wooden boats.

Under 18 years of age: Free admission.

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