Discover the secrets of the Danish countryside - Naturally wild!

Meet the animals you know, but never seen! Experience the otter’s wild game, the badger in its underground lair and the stork in the nest. Meet the ferocious giant pike in the depths of the lake and help to feed the fish in the touch pool. Fun, games and experiences for the whole family. Every day you can hear exciting stories when the animals are fed and spend hours on AQUA’S challenging wilderness trail in the woods, the summer’s wild water playground and much more.

AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

Experience a world under the seven seas

Get a close look at ferocious hammerhead sharks and elegant rays at Northern Europe’s largest and most modern aquarium.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark is surrounded by water, giving visitors the sense of being beneath the surface of the ocean. The architecture is inspired by a whirlpool, and consists of five ‘arms’ that encircle the entire planet – from the bird colonies on the steep fells of the Faroe Islands to the stunning coral reefs of the world’s oceans. Den Blå Planet is home to more than 400 different species of creatures from all over the world.

Den Blå Planet

Get smitten by the sea at the Kattegatcenter!

Feel the fear when sharks surround you, paddle a kayak on an icy ocean and fall in love with our clever seals, while they gobble herring and learn the alphabet! Whether you prefer to stay on dry land or jump in at the deep end in a wetsuit, you will find an ocean of experiences both indoors and out at the Kattegatcenter that will leave a lasting impression!

See today’s program:


6 million litres of water...and much more!

10,000 m2 inside, 5,000 m2 outside, 80 aquariums, 8,000 fish and other marine animals.

Take the family on an adventure beneath the surface of the ocean. Explore the seven destinations, dive deep down to the bottom of the ocean, clamber around on the shipwreck, fish for crabs with your bare hands and feel the power of nature. Pat a starfish on the back, come face to face with a seal and hunt for the treasure of the North Sea. A SEA of experiences awaits you, both outdoors and indoors. NEW exhibition June 2019: Hunters of the North Sea.

Nordsøen Oceanarium
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