About Top Attraktioner

The history of Top Attraktioner:

Top Attraktioner is an association made up of tourist attractions that have been working together for more than 30 years in a bid to boost the quality of the attractions and adventures we offer to our guests. Top Attraktioner's members include museums, amusement parks, wildlife parks/zoos, aquariums, educational activity centres, etc.

To qualify for membership of Top Attraktioner the attractions must fulfil a number of requirements in terms of quality, number of visitors and organisation.

If you'd like to read more about the history of Top Attraktioner, you can download our anniversary publication "Jyske kvalitetsoplevelser gennem 20 år", which was published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our collaboration in 2002. At that time we only existed in Jutland and were thus called Jyllands Attraktioner.

Top Attraktioner's activities:

Every year Top Attraktioner conducts visitor analyses across a broad spectrum of attractions. This enables the individual attractions to benchmark their results and to see how good they are at service, cleaning, maintenance, choice and quality of food, etc. The quality of the attractions, fulfilment of expectations, etc., are of course also measured. This benchmarking is used in particular to identify areas in which the attractions can be even better.

Top Attraktioner also conducts annual market research analyses to learn more about what we can do to ensure even more guests will want to visit us.

Based on these visitor analyses, Top Attraktioner has developed a quality manual which helps the attractions to maintain their focus on a number of quality parameters – i.e. how each attraction can develop the quality of the attraction and its products on offer.

Competence development is crucial in the quest to improve at all times – and Top Attraktioner makes it possible to devise specially targeted courses and theme days within areas in which the attractions can reap the benefits of exchanging experience.

Top Attraktioner also focuses on exchanging experience at a more general level – and supports networking groups that span different attractions. By learning from each other, the attractions boost their ability to provide the best possible service for their guests. Every second year Top Attraktioner organises a study trip which looks at how attractions in other parts of the world tackle challenges and operations.

Top Attraktioner has developed a system that facilitates the continuous exchange of visitor statistics – thus providing valuable knowledge of how the season is developing – and Top Attraktioner also compiles other statistics or key figures at relevant intervals.

A joint distribution system ensures that our brochures reach all our potential guests and are presented in such a manner that our guests can get a good picture of where they can find exciting attractions and adventures. We also publish an overall guide which provides information about all the attractions and includes overviews of opening hours and what's on at each of the attractions.

When members get together at meetings, we also have the opportunity to focus on different areas and invite experts or external consultants to provide input for quality development – which may include themes such as enhancing elements in presentation, the products themselves or in the way the attractions communicate with their guests.

Executive Committee:

  • Director Knud Bundgaard, AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark (Chairman) - kb@fvc.dk
  • Director David Dupont-Mouritzen, Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet
  • Director Karl Henrik Laursen, Nordsøen Oceanarium
  • Director Nils-Erik Winther, Bakken
  • Head of Communication Mariane Øvall, Ree Park Safari
  • Director Torben Kylling Petersen, Universe




  • Visited every year by 10 million guests
  • Made up of 25 tourist attractions
  • Customer surveys performed every year in efforts to give guests an even better experience
  • Formerly known as Jyllands Attraktioner, when only attractions in Jutland were members
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