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25 of the biggest and best tourist attractions in Denmark are gathered together at Top Attraktioner – and these are what you’ll find at We think that our name, Top Attraktioner, is perfect for us, as we wish to lead the way in providing adventures and attractions – top quality attractions – to the approximately 10 million guests that visit us every year.

If you’re on holiday with your children or wish to go on a family outing, you can get good holiday tips here and seek inspiration for your next holiday adventures.

What have we got to offer?

We can offer a wide range of attractions that include stomach-churning thrills, plenty of laughs, animals, messing about on and in the water, culture, traditions, history and natural science, as well as lots of fun and exciting activities and adventures for young and old alike.

You can go exploring in your ancestors’ footsteps in old village environments. You can go on an excursion to Denmark’s only frigate or visit one of our other fascinating museums. You can learn about the history of fishing in Denmark, learn about the Wadden Sea and migratory birds, learn about World War II bunkers or the old handicrafts.

In our summer parks and amusement parks you can let the kids loose on bouncy castles and spectacular roller coasters – we have a wealth of rides and amusements. You can also be let loose in an experience house filled with LEGO bricks.

Get a taste of the wild from all over the world. You and your family can see and learn about everything from the smallest creepy-crawly insects to the largest beasts from the African savannah – we even have a rain forest! Or how about a shark centre, Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, featuring sunfish and shoals of fish, or Northern Europe’s biggest freshwater aquarium?

Finally, we can also offer you Denmark’s largest flower park, Viking longboats from the 11th century, or how about trying your hand at riding on a Segway in an adventure park.

Top Attraktioner is an amalgamation of:

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